CCX Alliance

Our Mission

CCX Alliance platform connects 300 + professionals and executives dedicated to supporting each other to build your personal brand on the principles of Sustainable Business Strategies creating a triple bottom line:  People, Planet, Profit.

Expand your sphere of influence, be heard, celebrate, and get answers to tough challenges you may not share at work or with family and friends. 

“While 100% of execs apply to job boards…92% passively and quietly find their next opportunity through their network”

In this safe setting, bring your challenges in creating your brand, managing your transition, staying connected to your tribe, work challenges, balancing work and personal time, burnout, peer to peer interaction dynamics.  Share what’s on your mind with a like-minded group of peers.  

Find your tribe, connect with your community, be heard, celebrate, and get answers to tough challenges you may not share at work or with family and friends. 

Your roundtable is capped at 12 for personalized conversations and facilitated by a like-minded peer. 

What You Can Expect

Facilitated introductions to board members

of 14 national/global partnering associations

Facilitated introductions to executives

for 10-12+ new introductions each quarter for business support, introductions, board positions, mentoring

Access to the Career Con-X app

to keep you actively engaged with your network including your Mastermind, Roundtable and other key career Influencers

Exclusive job board

for execs when you do need to check trends or get on the short list

Monthly Peer-to-Peer Roundtable

interactive discussions on specific leadership and career topics held virtually

A seat in your monthly Mastermind

with 8-12 other execs

Quarterly in person gatherings

like our signature Walk and Talks, Speak-easy after hours and Small group dinners (expanding to new cities beyond Denver in Q4 2021)

Looking for Career Transition Training and Education?

Check out the Career Accelerator or Career Coaching

Discover your “why, align your actions to your why, create your personal brand foundation, build your digital presence, find the ideal opportunities, get the right interviews, answer and ask the right interview questions

The CCX Alliance is a unique and rewarding way to stay connected to peers you have already met and to meet new executives as you practice the Career Con-X ways to develop rich and meaningful relationships….

the kind of friendships that bring you together with another exec to climb Kilimanjaro like Curt Edwards did. (Yes you should ask about that story).

Looking for Career Transition Training and Education?

Application Process

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